The business group which has used Vilkyškių Pieninė brand name for almost three decades has begun operating under a new name – Vilvi Group which will unite the whole group. The decision regarding this change was firstly brought on by the business’ structural changes, market trends and the success of the Vilvi brand which until this autumn was used exclusively for export markets.

The group‘s CEO Gintaras Bertašius asserts – “The history of the group goes as far back as 1934, and 27 years ago when we entered the market as Vilkyškių Pieninė, we emphasized our small dairy’s close relationship with customers, the natural quality of our product, and the unique origins of its flavour. As our business grew, we had to recognise our position in the world market.”

“9 years ago, we began using Vilvi as our brand for export. Justifiably, now, we can call Vilvi the symbol of our success and the basis of our groups’ global identity. Today a great share of our group’s export production is labelled with this particular brand”, – stated Gintaras Bertašius.

According to him, the changes that have taken place in the last three decades as well as the success stories were the basis of the decision to unify the business group’s identity in all of the markets around the world to reinforce global brand recognition.

In the last 5 years the group’s share of export has grown from 67 to 80 percent, the growth was tied to dairy processing business potential based on innovative technologies. The group presently sells its products in 58 countries around the globe, 30% of them are EU members. In the last and current year, the Vilvi Group has expanded its export trade to China, Chile and Australia.

In 2011 – 2019 the group’s investments reached 59 million euros, and the main share of these investments was dedicated to the innovations of the last five years, the biggest of which – the newly built most modern whey processing plant in Northern Europe with fully automated processing, which delivers particularly high quality products to the market.

The Vilvi Group names the production of innovative products which are essential to consumers worldwide as their main strategy for the immediate future.